F5 Freedom Fighter
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Northrop F-5

The Canadair CF-5A and CF-5B Freedom Fighters were built in Canada under license from Northrop. The F-5 was designed in 1955 as a trans-sonic fighter fighter/bomber. The first of the prototypes flying on July 30, 1959. Other allied countries to purchase and build the F-5 were the Netherlands, Norway and Spain.
Designed to be lightweight, low cost and easy to maintain, the F-5 became a respected highly maneuverable and versatile tactical fighter. The two seat trainer version had the 20 mm. Colt Browning M-39 nose cannons removed. The CF-5 also had an under fuselage pylon usually carrying an external fuel tank in the Canadian version. There were also four underwing hard points, with wingtip mountings for two Sidewinder missiles. The CF-5's which were not situated in Europe usually had wingtip fuel tanks installed to extend their range.
Specifications; Engines (two) 18.15 kN. (4,080 lbs. st.) afterburning General Electric J85-GE-13 turbojets, Wing Span; 7.7 m. (25' 3"), Length; 14.38 m. (47' 2"), Maximum take-off weight; 9,379 kg. (20,677 lbs.), Maximum level speed; 1,488 km/h. (925 mph.), Range (non augmented fuel supply); 2,232 km. (1,387 miles).

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